The Preserve Broadwater History website is a consolidation of three Broadwater County historical preservation non-profit organizations devoted to restoring, preserving and maintaining Broadwater County History.  The organizations are all classified by the IRS as 501(c3) organizations; so all donations are tax deductible.

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Preserve Broadwater History

Preserve Broadwater History is a non-profit organization - a 501(c3) - group of Broadwater County residents that are interested in preserving the history of Broadwater County.  We are members of the Broadwater Historical Society and Radersburg Historical Preservation, Inc and partner with those historical preservation groups. 

Our focus is on preserving Broadwater County Historical artifacts that are in danger of being lost due to neglect (The Johnson Schoolhouse, the painted ads in the Indian Creek Canyon, etc) and educating our school children on the history of Broadwater County (sponsoring middle school outings to Radersburg, MT).

Board of Directors:

Keith Kirscher (President)

Keith Obert (Vice President)

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer)

Gary Richtmyer (Director)

Pam Sample (Director)


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Contact Information

Message us at: Message Preserve Broadwater History



or write to us at:

P.O. Box 245

Townsend, MT 59644



Broadwater County Museum / Broadwater County Historical Society

The Broadwater County Museum and the Broadwater County Historical Society share the same Board of Directors.  The Museum contains many displays explaining the history of Broadwater County from the pre-history era to relatively modern times.  The Museum houses thousands of historical artifacts donated to the museum since it was established in 1976.



The Broadwater County Historical Society & Museum has a board of directors which consists of eleven members. The officers of the Board are as follows:

, President
Keith Kirscher, Vice President
Kevin Flynn, Treasurer
Vic Sample, Secretary

Other Members of the Board are:

Ross Johnson
Terry Love
Chuck McLane
Mike Millay
Jorja Munns
Sharon Ragen

Museum Personnel are:

Linda Huth, Curator
Lanny White, Attendant

Contact Information 

Message us at: Message Broadwater County Museum

or email us at:

or write us at:

133 N. Walnut

Townsend, MT 59644


Radersburg Historical Preservation, Inc.

Radersburg Historical Preservation, Inc. (RHPI) is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Radersburg, Montana.

Far from a ghost town, Radersburg is a friendly community of about 75 founded in 1866 in the Crow Creek Valley. Once home to more than 1,000 miners and their families and the seat of Jefferson County from 1869 - 1884, Radersburg's main street is lined with historic buildings dating back to its days of glory.

Independent Record, Helena Montana

Radersburg Historical Preservation, Inc. meets the 3rd Saturday of every week. Pot luck lunch at 1:00 with the meeting at 2:00.  


Radersburg Historical Preservation has a board of directors which consists of seven members. The officers of the Board are as follows:

Alan Smith, President
Danny Williams, Vice President
Doris Hossfeld, Treasurer
Deb Smith, Secretary

Other Members of the Board are:

Jane Alsager
Bobbi Ann Lavinder
Dennis Miller

Contact Information:

Message us at: Message Radersburg Historical Preservation




write to us at:

P.O. Box 96

Toston, MT 59643