If you are interested in Broadwater County History and would like to get involved in preserving and maintaining our historical artifacts such as the Johnson Schoolhouse or the ads painted on the walls of St. Louis Canyon (Indian Creek), there are a number of ways to get involved:

  • Become a member of Preserve Broadwater History and join us in preserving/restoring/maintaining the Broadwater County History. There are no membership fees or dues. Just contact us at Preserve Broadwater History Email
  • Become a sponsor of Preserve Broadwater History by making an online donation: sponsorship or by mailing a donation to:

Preserve Broadwater History, Inc.

P.O. Box 245

Townsend, MT 59644

Your donation to Preserve Broadwater History, Inc. ( 501(c3) non-profit organization; EIN: 86-2494007) is tax deductible. 

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  • Donate pictures or documents to Preserve Broadwater History. We will feature the pictures and documents on our website - any physical historical artifacts will be donated to the Broadwater Historical Society / Broadwater County Museum:  Make a Contribution
  • Contact us if you have any ideas for projects or how we can improve our service to the County:  Contact Us