Broadwater County Museum Curator Linda Huth presents the History of Radersburg to the Townsend Seventh Graders at the historic Radersburg Schoolhouse during the second annual Radersburg History Outing sponsored by the Broadwater County Museum, Radersburg Historic Preserveration, Inc. and Preserve Broadwater History.

To read more about the outing click on Second Annual Radersburg History Outing


The Eleanor Marks Library

The Museum features an extensive library. Included in the library are copies of most of the local newspapers. These date back to the 1800s. Copies of these newspapers are also available on microfisch and are available for public use.

We have extensive records of obituaries of local residents and the location of their burial. This information is also available to the public. Below, in the Additional Information section of this site is comprehensive information on the cemeteries and burial sites in Broadwater County. To access the information, click on the cemetery you desire. A deep debt of gratitude is owed to Mike Castleberry and Charlene Spaulding for compiling this information.

Of interest to many who visit the Museum are the “Family History” files. These files contain histories of many local families, both past and present. We always welcome additional information for these files.